Yasuhiro. A nineteen year old, panromantic demisexual, genderqueer, Cancer being who prefers the gender neutral Russian pronoun, они, has several nicknames, and is obviously an Airbender. они is a cinephile, a bibliophile, a logophile, a taphophile, a technophile, a turophile, a glossophile, an arctophile, and an oenophile. они is an artist at best and a lover at worst. они is a believer in mind over matter and mind over emotions. они is a wannabe motivator and inspirator. они is a perfectionist who gets too little sleep and works way too hard. This blog is everything and nothing all in one. Music, Tom Hiddleston, Robert Downey Jr., Takashima Kouyou, Satoshi, Art, and Photography (among other things) fill this blog. — {Read more...}

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my babies.

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If you must know. Hyunnie is the Bruce Banner to my Tony Stark, NIL is the Thor to my Loki, Ashley is the Loki to my Thor, and Ami is the Kai-ho to my Uru-Su. It's safe to say that you should be a tad bit jelly, if you aren't already.


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"Can I stay by your side forever? I’m too scared to ask."


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